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Looking for a reliable roofing contractor Singapore? Need a new roof or repairs to increase your property value? Look no further!

AMBER SERVICES PTE LTD is your best roofing contractor in Singapore. Specializing in roofing for homes and businesses, we have over 20 years of experience in unique Singapore construction.




What We Offer:

Clay Roofing_edited_edited_edited_edited

Clay Roofing



Roog Leakage Repair

Roof Leakage Repair


Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Structure_edited.jpg

Metal Roof Structure

Timber Roofing_edited.jpg

Timber Roofing


Polycarbonate & Composite Roof

leakage repair roof specialist singapore

Building Maintenance

Our residential roofing contractor singapore are dedicated to providing high quality roofing solutions within your budget. Our products and equipment are of high quality, environmentally friendly and meet international standards. Safety is paramount—we adhere to all standards and regulations for a safe work environment. Transparent prices, no deposits. Choose us for your roofing needs!

Secure Your Dry Haven Now - Contact Us for Rapid Roof Leak Repair Services!

Re-roofing Cost as Low as $9K for intermediate house.

Why Choose Us as Your Roofing Contractor in Singapore?

Hey, we're the cool roofing folks in Singapore. Got a roof? We're on it, big or small. Our squad? Totally legit—certified and all that. Clients love us; they vouch for our awesome skills and service.

Why pick us? Here's the deal:

  1. Free checkup and quotes, no strings attached. We swing by, eyeball your roof, give tips, and toss you a quote. Easy peasy.

  2. Our roofs? Covered with warranties. We swear by our work; it's built to last. Plus, we do check-ups to keep it tip-top.

  3. Whole package, baby. Design, install, fix, maintain—we got it all. Need advice on roofs? We're your gurus.

  4. We're Earth-friendly. Care about the planet, so our roofs are recyclable, biodegradable, and energy-wise. We clean up our mess too. No harm done.

Choose us, your roof will thank you!

Our Roofing Services

We have got all kinds of roofing projects just for you. Need a new roof? We’ve got you covered. Roof repair? no problem. Want a roof makeover? We are in it. Check out our cool roofing projects:

1. Clay roofing:

Terrace roof or shingles! It’s like a superhero ceiling. A clay roof will last forever, kicking up the fire and dancing cool through energy efficiency. It’s like a heat reflector wizard that cools your space. Plus, it’s a style icon with a rainbow of colors, patterns and swaggy designs. Perfect for those pitched roofs! Just remember, call the pros for installation and TLC sessions.

2. Re-Roofing & New Roofing: 

Roof stuff, ya know? Like, putting on a new one or fixing up the old. Could be swapping the whole thing or just slappin' on some new layers. They use different stuff, like metal, asphalt, or whatever, depending on the vibe of the building. New roofs for new places, or when the old one's toast.

3. Roof Leakage Repair: 

Roof water leak repair is like tackling water troubles and preventing mold or structural headaches. To get the job done, spot the leak source—cracks, holes, or wonky flashing—then slap on the right sealant, patch, or coating. Sometimes, it's a shingle or tile swap-out game. Keep it dry, fix it right!

4. Clay Tile Roof Re-Roofing:

Changing an old or worn-out clay tile roof with a brand new one— that's what this service is all about. You can do it by swapping the old tiles with new ones or just slap on new ones over the oldies using fancy brackets. It jazzes up the look, amps up performance, and adds years to the roof's life.

5. Timber Roof Structure:

There's this roof thing, right? It's made of wood, like, timber vibes all the way. And guess what? You can shape it however you want – gable, hip, gambrel, you name it! Super strong, super light, and eco-friendly 'cause it's all about renewable sources. But wait, there's a catch – gotta design, install, and treat it right. Otherwise, you're looking at decay, fire, and bugs crashing the party!

6. Metal Roof Re-Roofing: 

We're talking about swapping out that beat-up metal roof for a fresh one. You can do this by ditching the old metal panels and slapping on some shiny new ones. Or, get this, you can just toss new metal panels right on top of the old ones with a fancy roof hugger system. Either way, you're boosting the roof's toughness, saving energy, and making it more fire-resistant. 

7. Metal Roof Structure: 

Roof made of metal. Steel, aluminum, or copper. Different shapes: standing seam, corrugated, ribbed. Resists fire, wind, hail, corrosion. Reflects heat, lowers cooling costs. Needs good design, installation, coating. Stops leaks, rust, fading.

8. Polycarbonate & Composite Roof: 

Some use polycarbonate or composite stuff. Polycarbonate's like see-through plastic, light, and tough. Perfect for skylights, canopies, or greenhouses – all the fancy things. Now, composite, that's a mix of things like fiberglass, resin, or foam. Makes sturdy, insulated, fire-resistant roofs. Cool, huh? Polycarbonate and composite roofs, they're like jack-of-all-trades. Easy to slap on, low on maintenance.

9. Building Construction: 

Building stuff is like putting together a puzzle. You got plans, materials, and skilled folks doing their thing. Architects, engineers, contractors – they all join the party. It's not just slapping things together; it's a whole process. Planning, permits, prepping the site, laying foundations, putting up the skeleton, and then the finishing touches. It's like a construction orchestra, each instrument playing its part.

10. Painting And Roof Coating: 

You wanna jazz up your roof? Cool! So, there's this thing called painting for a snazzy color change, and then there's roof coating for extra weather armor. Painting is like a thin color makeover, but it won't shield your roof superhero-style. Roof coating, though, is like a thick sealant superhero that fights off rain, sun, and hail attacks. It's like a durability, insulation, and lifespan upgrade for your roof. But hey, to make it work, you gotta prep, slap it on, and let it cure. 

11. Shed, Gazebo & Pagoda: 

These things? They're like outdoor buddies for storage, chilling, or just having a good time. So, a shed? It's just a basic spot for tools, gear, or stuff. Roof? Can be flat or sloped, you pick. Gazebo? It's like a free spirit, standing there for shade, a hangout, or just to chill. Roof's pitched, and sides? Open! Pagoda? It's like a tiered tower for spiritual or cultural vibes. Roof's got curves, and there are levels to this thing. 

12. Building Maintenance: 

Maintaining a building means keeping it in good shape and preventing issues like deterioration, damage, or malfunctions. You do stuff like cleaning, fixing, painting, or upgrading different parts like the roof, walls, floors, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC systems. Regular checks, diagnoses, and interventions are needed to guarantee the building stays safe, functional, and looks good.

13. Skylight & Ventilator: 

These things on the roof give your place a natural vibe. Skylights are like cool windows on the roof, letting sunshine in. They can be still, movable, or tubular. Ventilators, on the other hand, are fans or holes on the roof or wall for air to flow in and out. They come in passive, mechanical, or solar-powered types. Together, skylights and ventilators make your space comfy, healthy, and energy-wise.

14. Wall Cladding: 

Wall cladding, you know? It's like this covering thing for walls. Inside or outside, it doesn't matter. It's there for protection, insulation, or just to look good. You got options, man. Metal, wood, stone, brick, or vinyl - pick your flavor. Slap it straight on the wall or hook it up to something else, like a frame or a curtain wall. It's like a makeover for your building, making it look cool, last longer, and work better.

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Most Common FAQs

1. What is the best roof in Singapore?

Choosing the best roof in Singapore? No easy answer. Roofs vary - weather, design, budget play a role. Consider these factors:

  1. Durability: Must handle Singapore's tropical chaos - humidity, rain, wind, and the sun's fury. Also, resist corrosion, fire, and pests.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Combat heat, save money. Reflect or absorb sun vibes for the perfect indoor temperature.

  3. Aesthetics: Blend with the building's style and the surroundings. Bonus if it brings in natural light and breeze.

  4. Cost: Affordable to install and keep up. Quality matters. Long lifespan and eco-friendly vibes are a plus.

2. Top contenders?

According to the interests:

  1. Metal Roofs: Tough, light, fire-resistant, and recyclable. Choose colors, shapes, and they last for decades. Bit noisy in rain, though.

  2. Tile Roofs: Clay or concrete, diverse styles, sturdy, fire-resistant. Good insulation, lasts a century. Watch out for the weight, cracks, and cleaning needs.

  3. Green Roofs: Grow your garden up there! Cool benefits - less heat, better air, and biodiversity. Tricky to set up and keep, though. Fire, pests, and structure issues might crop up.

3. What are the roofing options in Singapore?

Roofing options in Singapore? Check it:

  1. Asphalt shingles: Basic, cheap. Fiberglass, asphalt. Easy install, many colors. Last 30 years, but might fade, curl, crack. Not green or energy-friendly.

  2. Metal roofs: Tough, light, fireproof, recyclable. Cool paints for energy. Fancy colors, shapes. Last 50+ years. Pricey install, noisy rain, might dent.

  3. Tile roofs: Clay, concrete. Styles: flat, curved, interlocking. Strong, weather-resistant. Good insulation. Last 100+ years. Heavy, needs support. Can crack, need cleaning.

  4. Slate roofs: Natural stone. Beautiful, durable. Fire, water, pest-resistant. Last 200+ years. Good insulation. Tricky install, costly, heavy, slippery.

  5. Wood shingles: Cedar, pine, redwood. Attractive, rustic. Blends with nature. Good insulation. Last 40+ years. Pricey, needs maintenance. Fire, rot, insects are vulnerable.

  6. Green roofs: Covered in plants. Grass, flowers, herbs, shrubs. Reduce urban heat. Improve air. Create spaces. Lower noise. Increase property value. Costly, complex, needs maintenance. Fire, pests, structural risks.

4. What are the 3 main types of roofs?

Roofs come in all sorts - three main types, actually, based on their shape:

  1. Slanty Roofs: Think gable, hip, gambrel, mansard, saltbox. They're all about that angle, more than 10 degrees, to kick off water and snow. Materials? Shingles, tiles, metal, wood - take your pick.

  2. No-Slope Roofs: Totally flat, like a blank canvas but made of reinforced concrete. Perfect for low-rise or high-rise. Good for gardens, terraces, solar panels. Easy to build, easy to keep up, but watch out for drainage issues, heat soaking, and leaks.

  3. Curvy Roofs: Picture domes, barrels, cones - they're all about that curved, arched vibe. Metal, wood, plastic - whatever floats your architectural boat. Not just for looks, though. They bring in natural light, amp up ventilation, and give your space a unique twist.​

5. Which type of roof is commonly used in residential buildings in Singapore?

In Singapore, lots of homes rock the flat roof style—no slopes, just straight-up chill. It's all about reinforced concrete vibes. Perfect for short or tall cribs, you can throw gardens, terraces, or solar panels up there. Easy to build, easy to keep in check, and you get bonus space for your creative juices. But, watch out for the downsides: bad drainage, heat soaking, and potential leaks.

6. Which type of roof is cheapest?

Asphalt shingle roofs are like the budget-friendly superheroes of roofing, costing roughly $1 to $2 per square foot. But hold your horses! Cheapest doesn't mean forever, as these roofs might throw a durability tantrum sooner than you think, leading to extra maintenance expenses. So, when picking a roof buddy, consider the durability, energy vibes, looks, and, of course, the wallet-friendliness. It's like a roofing buffet, choose wisely!

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